The name is Hena.
I'm a 23 year-old lady Sif.
I like all things Marvel & DC.

So my older brother’s friends works in New York. He saw the set of The Avengers and for some reason thought it was a sequel to 2012…idiot. I corrected him, of course. Later that day he went to a coffee cart near by set to grab coffee with a co-worker. Then what happened soon after is what practically gave me a heart attack. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. After they were done they were just standing near by so my brother’s friends just stood by to “creep” on them. He only heard a little of what they’re saying, and this is what stuck out the most…

Evans: I’m gonna get ready for dinner.
Hemsworth: Let’s not do [some restaurant name] again.
Evans: Totally. Alright, see you guys tonight.

(Evans leaves. So, Hemsworth and Hiddleston are just chilling for a bit)
Hiddleston: Well, I should probably change up, too. See you.
Hemsworth: Sounds good, brother.

I’m dead. They call each other brother even OFF screen.